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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Yet another entry for Day 9


WOW! Wind has been blowing again really bad, clouds are over the mountains and covering the valley, and it is COLD. Anywho.... tonight Cope and Tierney's FAVORITE show came on...iCARLY!
We all sit and watch it and they laugh and laugh and then they "re-live" moments be retelling us what we just watched... it is so cute!
So, after it was over Cope came up to me (as I was updated my blog yet again) and said, "Hey mom, go on iCarly". I didn't think it existed because it is a TV show, but tried anyway. Sure enough, they have a really cute site! They have many places to contact them, via email, texting, making a video...and the kids jumped at that! I took my camera and took a quick video and we downloaded it onto the site! Then they wanted to write iCarly a letter. So they sat down and wrote out what they wanted on a piece of paper (20 minutes to spell everything) and then typed it themselves on the site and pushed the SEND button! They were soooooo excited and kept asking me to tell her "HI" from them.
If you want to check out the iCarly website, click here! It really is cute and I enjoy watching the show with my kids! It is a great way to share something with your kids and have "talk time" about funny things that happened.

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