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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Day 18- I didn't miss a day! (Yippee!)


Welcome back! I thought I wouldn't be on until tomorrow, but here I am! Of course all weekend I have thinking about everything I was going to put on my blog when I got back from our Easter weekend- so grab a drink, sit down, relax and enjoy!
We woke up very early Sat. morning to drive down to Legoland. We were all very excited and couldn't wait to see "the cousins" (we were meeting Jimmy, Lauren, Abby and Jimmy T).
We spent the entire day going back and forth to everything imaginable, and the kids had a blast! We really squeezed everything we could into that day, and it went by surprisingly fast!
I know it turned out great when we got back into the car and both Cope and T said, "Mom- this was our best day EVER!" We spent the night in a shady hotel (another story) and woke up bright and early (again) to drive over to Jimmy and Lauren's house. Oh my gosh- I LOVE THEIR HOUSE! I took a bunch of pics that I will show you later. I want to redesign my house to have the same cabinets, fireplaces, kitchen, roof deck...YES! I said ROOF DECK! Wait till you see the pic! It is a FABULOUS HOUSE! We had an Easter egg hunt there, relaxed and then caravaned over to the Easter Brunch hotel.
I could kick myself for not taking my camera in....it is a hoot how big we are getting when we all get together. People just stare at all of us and wonder if we are a 'clan', or 'compound' out for the day...its pretty funny!
We had a great brunch and then went back to Uncle Don's for more talking and visiting. The kids had another Easter egg hunt (thank you Lindy and Brian!) and then played well while the "adults" talked and relaxed! Left P.V. around 5:00pm and got back here around 8:30. Kids fell asleep right after we ate dinner, and went right to bed. It will feel good to not have to wake up early tomorrow! :)
Hang onto your hats because I have a true "miracle' story to tell you. Are you ready? No, seriously!
When the twins were 2 or 3, we took them to Legoland for the first time. Jeff and I were arguing over something (ha) and Jeff threw our backpack into the locker, not realizing my camera was in there. Yes, it broke and I was even more upset at him. I was now very angry at having to purchase an outrageously expensive disposable camera at Legoland...but did anyway.
We stopped to let the kids play at this little outside play area where they could build things with Lego's, and slide down a slide. After awhile we went to move on when I realized I had left the disposable camera back at the slide. I went back to get it and it was gone. I asked everyone around and even went to Lost and Found. No luck. When I got home I even called Legoland and re-explained the situation but no one had turned in a disposable camera. Dang! Our first experience and no pictures! I was very upset.
Sooooooooo..... today, Aunt Katie comes up to me and hands me this package. She said she went to get some pictures developed, and didn't know how mine got in with hers. 1 guess as to what they were pictures of.... YES!!!! (Oh my gosh- you guessed it!) LEGOLAND PICTURES!!!!!
Now how in the world did she get those pictures? I have no idea, EXCEPT that it was DIVINE INTERVENTION!
Now here is where it gets REALLY weird....on that roll of Legoland pictures, was a picture of Uncle Ted, and Lucas! Lucas is only a couple months old, and we went to Legoland over 3 years ago! (can you hear the Twilight Zone music playing?) I KNOW! I KNOW!!!! I'm telling ya- it was HIM! :)
Okay- onto the pics... (click on pic to see full view)
Kylee, Abby, Tierney, Jimmy T, Cope
Waiting patiently in line for a ride
(Kylee is another story)

Jimmy and Jimmy T in red boat, Lauren and Abby in blue boat

Kylee and Abby going on rollercoaster. (Notice Cope in back)

Tierney, Jimmy T and Cope checking out a water ride and how wet it gets you!

Jimmy pouting because I didn't have to go on the "wet ride" like he did! (giggle)

Both had really great rooms to show us!

And the Piece d' Resistance.......

I will put all the rest of the photos into Costco, so if you would like to see the whole slide show, leave me "a comment" after this where the pencil is and let me know!
I hope you had a great Easter weekend and remember to love, love, love....


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