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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Day 10 and all is calm...

Where is our cold, no-sun shining day? The sun is out, the wind is blowing, but gently, a little cold, but certainly not the winter day they predicted! I'm bummed because I'm not ready for all summer to come!
As I'm writing this, I'm watching news, which I don't often get a chance to do... they are talking about First Born Children...[The Birth Order Book] and how they are opinionated, a natural leader, more likely to be in a better job, more likely to be CEO's, doctors, Senators.... humm.. doesn't seem to apply in my position...(giggle) Mom, what do you think?
I will say this: Education seems to always be getting a bad wrap, BUT, without us educators, no one else would be able to do their job. Period. (think about it for a minute)

Cope finally got to go to the birthday party yesterday as T and I stayed home to recoup. So today, the two of us will go see Enchanted at the dollar cinema. Just the two of us...which we never get a chance to do either. Our family always does things together, so it is a nice change, esp. for T. I'm imagining we will do things separately more often as they both get older.

Update from Mom and Dad, who were in Fiji as of yesterday. They are now on their way to Erin and Robb in New Zealand! All will be "motor homing it" around New Zealand for the new few weeks! (I know, must be horrible, huh?!)

Okay, gotta go to the movies...will continue when we get back! Later!

We are back..."How will I know...????" Loved it! What a cute movie! I just saw a commercial at Best Buy for the movie for around $13.00...think we'll get it for the kids for Easter. It was really cute how they went from cartoon-ish to real life in the movie. We saw it at the dollar cinema, which is perfect because Walmart has the big box of candy on sale for .88 cents back near the electronics. Badda-Bing! :)
Finally got to get outside. Chilly but the sun is still out and big fluffy clouds are floating around everywhere. See ya tomorrow.

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