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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Adding to Day 24

Weather is beautiful again today, and a nice breeze coming though...so we worked out in the back yard all this morning. It was sorely needed as it is a deserted wasteland of weeds and sand...
We will fix it up and make it beautiful, but everything takes time...
So as we were pulling weeds, Cope asked to go swimming. Now mind you the pool is huge and has not been heated since last season. It is freezing cold water! He persisted and finally I said, "If you really want to go in, grab a towel first so you can jump out and wrap it around yourself." So he did and the silly boy actually went in!
Once T got off time out (another story) she was allowed to go in the pool too- and the silly kids played and played in that freezing cold pool for 2 hours!
Now we are relaxing after a yummy lunch of hamburgers on the grill, steamed corn nibblets, and fresh strawberries!
What a perfect ending to a great spring break!
More later!

Updating: it is now 7:25 and this wind has grown with some wild winds blowing...
The kind of wind that makes the house creak and you wonder if your tree will come crashing through your window... Here is a video of our front yard taken 2 minutes ago.

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