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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Day 12 and that much closer to Spring Break!


Good Morning!

Today is Tuesday which means that we have really two more days of school until Break! Yippee!
Already today I got an iced coffee at McDonald's, (I'm wired!) had 1 class work on their mosaics, and now in Yearbook class where against he server is down. Ugh, again. The gals assured me that the book will be done in time, even if we have to extend our deadline...(small yippee, we'll see)
The Warehouse delivered more stuff for my mosaic class! I have put in for a grant for visual arts and got a buttload of money! We are planning a HUGE 8 foot Matador on the outside of the building! Do you know how hard it is to get clearance for something to be put on the outside of a school building! I feel so honored sometimes! Seriously!
Okay- bell will ring in 3 minutes- Ill have to finish this at home later tonight...
Have 5 pictures for Yearbook to take of school teams after school, taxes at 5:00pm, cook dinner and get kids in bed early since last night wasn't that early. They were grouchy this morning and T actually went back to sleep after her shower, while she was supposed to be making her bed! Can you imagine? (Mom and Dad, I KNOW you are laughing at this!) :)
Talk more later!
PS- Ill spell check this later too!

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Becca said...

Hey! Sorry it took so long for a response. Anywho, you can add pictures to the text by clicking the icon to the right of the spell check icon on the edit/tool-bar of the blog entry.

Hope that helps!