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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Day 24 and up early....well, 9:00am is early for me!

What a great vacation this has been! We have been spoiled and had pancakes for breakfast everyday this week!
The kids have taken turns making them and putting them in the skillet. T actually tried to 'turn' the pancakes today, but ended up folding it in half on its wet side....but she tried hard!
She likes to add things to food she makes, so she has been putting in sprinkles into the batter...Easter sprinkles, Christmas sprinkles....it was very pretty in the bowl!
They both gobbled them down and were satisfied. The past couple of days they both had asked for seconds on pancakes!
Jeff and I both think they are going through growing spurts!
Well, our vacation is over and now it is crunch time until the end of school. At the bottom of this blog I have a countdown bar until June 16th comes! The kids and I leave for Couer d'Alene, ID on the 17th! I cant wait! I'm hoping my weight is way down by then! :)
By the way, I ate 2 blueberry muffins topped with a mound of blackberries, a peach yogurt and a homemade iced coffee! YUM! (yes, all on the program!)
Cope wanted to be in the blog too!

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