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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hey- I'm back in the game!


Howdy to some old and new faces! I am back after almost 6 months to the day.... I just couldn't keep up and my schedule got so crazy.... and to top it off- my internet "lite" version stinks and is so slow- that I got too frustrated and gave up.

But now- I'm about to embark on a HUGE mission and I want to share it with ALL OF YOU!
Maybe even you're thinking about joining me in your own town?? (how COOL would that be!)

I am taking the Weight Watcher's Momentum Challenge... the Momentum™ Walk-It Challenge. Between April 12 and June 6, 2009, set an activity goal for yourself like walking in a 5K -
I will be starting a walking group here in town (Palm Springs) and encourage you all to not only start walking, but to join up with the million of others who have just joined...to become less of a couch potato and more of the person you have always wanted to be!
My program has me starting out at just 15 minutes per day....how simple is that? Grab a buddy, and go walk briskly for 15 minutes each day....a great goal would be to shoot for 5 out of 7 days...maybe walk three, take a day off, then walk 3 days.
You can find others to join up with on ACTIVE.COM -->Community-->Walking Community-->Training-->Team Weight Watchers Community GO ON- I DARE YA!!!! :)

Ill keep you posted on my progress... and I'm going to sign up for the 2009 Idyllwild 5K & 10K Run and Fitness Walk.
You can learn more at Idyllwildrace.com

Okay....ready, set, GO!!!!