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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Confessions on Day 22

I wasn't sure when I would come out and tell you all...but no reason why I shouldn't today.

I am excited to say I have joined Nutrisystem.
Yes, the ones Larry the Cable Guy, Marie Osmond, Tony Orlando and other celebrities have joined.
Reasons why I joined were numerous:
  • get my body back in shape
  • back problems getting worse with so much weight on me
  • want to have more energy
  • help my knee out
  • want to be active for Cope and Tierney
  • want to feel sexy, alive, energized, young...again
  • want to wear the cute clothes I have, not the 'fat shorts' and oversized t-shirts that cover up my fat
  • be able to go to any store and buy any clothes and have them fit
  • want to be able to wear a bathing suit and feel good, not embarrassed
  • want to fit into a M/L shirt, not L/XL
  • want to try skiing, water sports and hiking again
  • so I won't have to wear sweats again because nothing else fits! <--you all know this is true!
So, I started last Thursday (yes, before Easter) and just finished up my first week on the program. I will say the food is great, filling, and already made for me! The program comes with a food log and you include fruits, vegetables, dairy, protein and of course dessert! I haven't eaten anything I don't like yet, and that is the truth!
The Nutrisystem website is literally chock full of great recipes, ideas, helpful hints and most importantly- people going through the same things I am. (I sound like a commercial!)
So....I will also be posting my progress on here every now and then, as well as our family news.
Wish me good luck!
Here is a 'starting' picture of me-UGH.

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