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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Update to Day 9

Well, at 2:35 pm, I was OFFICIALLY DONE with the penny drive! YEAH!!!!
Suddenly the whole world became so clear, air smelled so fresh, a cold breeze was blowing, the sun was shining, and all the flowers were blooming... See?
Unfortunately this picture doesn't do justice and I was riding shotgun as we drove past ...so the picture is horrible! The flowers blooming on the corner of Vista Chino and Gene Autry are gorgeous...... Go drive past- there are a fields full of pretty yellow, white and purple wildflowers everywhere!
So far no working out in the yard like we had wanted. The wind is still blowing hard and would make it terrible to trim the palm trees. Oh that reminds me, I was going to take a pic of the ones we had cut last weekend...Let me go do that now, hold on...oh bursey, bursey it is COLD out there!

Our "cuttings" from last week Here are our 'queens'

We are supposed to have a very cold day tomorrow, and the wind blowing has already turned cold as the big clouds are creeping over the mountains. Took a picture of that too, but the sun is just in the right spot where it might be hard to see. Here is the pic from our back yard.
Jeff got off early today and still had time to take Cope to a birthday party, so they are at Chuck E. Cheese's. T and I are home resting, and being lazy...okay, she is lazing around. I am still doing laundry, picking up the house, working on my blog, and trying to rest too. :)
Bye for now! Don't forget to leave me a comment somewhere! That way I know you are reading this! LOL

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