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Monday, March 10, 2008

Day 4 of blogging....

TeeHee... what was the first thing I did when I got home? BLOG! of course! (giggle)
I had to see if anyone voted or wrote a comment... and decided that I need to have 2 separate blogs- one for work and one for my home life. I really want to try the merging of work and accomplishments, and then just a silly home-body one for family and friends to enjoy. I will have to work on that second one sometime soon. This one here will be the home-body version...so WELCOME to my life at Thornhill Manor!
By the way, did you know there is a Thornhill Road here in Palm Springs? Ill have to snap a pic of it to show you! It would be a hoot to actually buy a house on that street and have that as your address! Has anyone ever done that? (if so, tell me about it)
I guess now would be a good time to explain the "TeamThornhill" name... as you can imagine, since there are four of us, we make a small team, and more often than not, you will find us together doing something. We work as a team at home too, cleaning, cooking, hot air ballooning, or whatever we do. Hence, TeamThornhill. I must give credit to my Uncle Don who really coined the phrase. He lives in SoCal and always referred to us as TeamThornhill and it stuck.

Well, besides having pennies coming out of my ears (another story) I am excited to have the weekend to be able to work in the yard. Something so simple, yet it always eludes Jeff and I and we are trying to slow down to enjoy such mundane things! LOL
Sunday we got out and tried to cut down the dead branches of the 3 Queen Palms in our back yard. Did you know you just can't pull them off the sleek trunk? Oh no! You need a darn chain attached to a backhoe in order to pull those off! We have a very short ladder and a telescoping pole with a ratcheting knife on the end...lots of cussing and little brown/black balls of who knows what in our hair and all over our clothes. Not to mention the fluff stuck behind each branch for the past 6 years at least! Yucky it was, but at the same time satisfying. Anywho, can't wait till Saturday to get back out there again!

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