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Thursday, July 28, 2016

You Gotta Read These!!!!

I never have time to sit and read.


I love reading- but life gets in my way and bullies me out of relaxing with a book... until I visited my sister and she kept talking about this author and quoting all these funny sayings and bits of stories.
My sister has an incredible talent for knowing the words to every song you have ever heard. Truly it is a gift. Same goes for telling stories and rhyming things....but I digress.

So I actually got to read this book:

It didn't take me long to crave the next time I could squeeze this into my schedule and continue reading it....one night I laughed so hard I had tears running down my cheeks and I was making noises that were a hefty combination of a drowning seal and a laughing hyena. Im sure of it! 
I can't believe I didn't wake the whole house up!

So then I had to read her 2nd book:

Which I continued with the sad pathetic laugh/dying noise and kept thinking to myself, 
"Her husband is a saint, her husband is a saint"....
I am not going to spoil one thing from these books- but if you want some funny, sad, hilarious, 
no-way-that-happened-to-anyone type of book- then LOOK NO FURTHER!

Grab her books now and read them in order (not necessary but it makes more sense)

Jenny Lawson also has a blog too!

To my sister- THANK YOU for allowing a ton of laughter into my life! I needed it!

Now peoples-go get you some funny reads!

PS- my sister is going to be an author soon! Stay tuned for more info! 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Vacationing in beautiful Idaho!

I'm so glad we went!

I'm rejuvenated and inspired by everything I saw- even if it was for the 10th time! 
How can you not beat this as a view?
My sister has such a great deck that is comfy and has an incredible view- pine trees abound her property that seem to touch the blue sky and puffy white clouds! 
(we seem to have neither in Palm Desert)

It was a time that I could unwind from the 'busy-ness' that is my life, and let my imagination explore and dream of new ideas for me to try when I get home.

I especially enjoyed my daughter playing with her cousins and having fun! 
It seems the older she gets, the less involved she becomes with what is around her. 
I loved seeing her play board games and swim in the lake!
We didn't overextend ourselves with activities (I hope!) like we usually do. Not that we do too much, but we sure know how to pack in a lot for each vacation! 
I enjoyed doing more of a relaxing one!
*Note- I have to thank my brother-in-law Robb for helping me with my computer- AGAIN.
I will not post a pic of him, but love him dearly. 

We boated over to Mom and Dad's place and picked them up for a mid-day cruise! It was a beautiful day and night on the water! 

One incredible new place we visited this time was the Greenbriar Inn. It is an impressive 1908 house that has been remodeled into a restaurant, event place and guest quarters! It is listed on the National Registry of Historical Places and only a few blocks from the lake and downtown! 
After boating all day we headed over there for their nightly entertainment and tapas! 
I can't wait to go back and maybe even stay there!
I finally got up to the hill and swung in Aunt Bette and Uncle Ted's swing. They used to keep it on the top of their hill on their property- so it was very fitting to place it at the top of my sisters hill! 
A beautiful view from there and so quiet and peaceful.  
Her place has many different kinds of wild flowers growing, but I somehow only took a picture of the little daisies down by the driveway!  

Until next time.....

Thank you Erin, Robb, J, B, J, Mom and Dad!