What time is it where you are?

This is Palm Desert, Ca. time...

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kansas City on Day Two

I am feeling very accomplished today!

After my full day of training (8:00am-4:0pm) I put on my tennis shoes and
hoofed it over to the Union Station!

The building is simply breathtaking...

When you walk in, you notice a motorcycle right away.

I only had so much cash, otherwise I would have seen the exhibit.

If this is any indication of what is inside the exhibit- then it woulda be FANTASTIC!

I believe this is the Liberty Memorial

I then walked through the Union Station via "The Link", all the way to the Freight House District bridge.
Right underneath the bridge the trains run, so I grabbed some cool shots.
(I love trains)

Then I saw this old building. Not sure what it is, but I liked the style.
(I found out it is the KC Lofts)

And FINALLY to my destination spot-
Jack Stack Barbecue

This is the 2 item combo. Burnt Ends and Pork ribs with baked beans and cheesy corn!
Holy Momma in Heaven....
It was G.O.O.D.
Better than good....

Then I walked all the way back to the hotel.

The End.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kansas City Day One

Over the river and through the woods...oh wait- wrong song....

I made it to Kansas City despite being on 2 jam-packed small, itsy-bitsy planes, with sleeping through the drink service on one, and a lady being 'over her own imaginary line in space of where she should be' and into my space a whole heck of a lot....but I made it!

I even took a Super Shuttle to the hotel and saw some pretty sites!

I did go over the bridge I had seen on the internet...
and these are some of the GOR-GEE-US buildings I saw along the way...we don't have buildings like this in Palm Springs....

I also noticed how GREEN everything was and how many TALL, GREEN trees there were. This is us speeding down the freeway...see how GREEN it is?

This the lobby of the Hyatt Regency Crown Center Hotel- stunning!

This is the view from my hotel room!!!

As the sun goes down...
And the view at night time!

And here is me; all checked in ready to go to my Yearbook Advisor's Conference!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Kansas City Here I Come!

I want to go here....

and ride over this...

and dip my toes in this...

and I will be staying HERE!!!!

and I will be shopping here.

Kansas City, Kansas City here I come!!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Catching Flies....


It has been so hot here in Palm Springs, that the flies wait patiently
by your doorway to ZOOM inside to get cool.

We have had a plethora-cornucopia of flies in the house!

Did I mention I DETEST FLIES?

You know they land on poop, right?


So....I have found a way to amuse myself with them and
give them the treatment they deserve for invading my house....

You know how they fly so fast you can't get them the first day?
Then slowly they get a little slower?

Well, I got my tweezers and fly swatter ready. (snicker, snicker)
and I wait.
and wait...(whistling nonchalantly)

and swat them carefully so they arent really dead yet, only MOSTLY DEAD...
I pick them up with my tweezers and....

Feed them to my Venus Flytrap! (Big Smile Here)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Bunco treats- Oh Yummie!!!

My BFF is throwing a Bunco Party tonight!

I am making three recipes to bring-

*Sesame Won Ton Chips
*Tomatillo Avacado Dip
*Fresh Bruschetta

Sesame Won Ton Chips

Tomatillo Avacado Dip

Fresh Bruschetta

Everything was yummie!
I must have gained 20 pounds sampling it all!

(My BFF made cake pops! O.M.G!)

Message me if you want the recipes- SUPER SIMPLE!!!!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer is here (106 today!) in Palm Springs, Ca.

After spending ALL DAY in the pool, this is all they can muster.
I've got two "plum-tuckered-out, pooped from playing hard, too much sun today" kids.

Solarcaine to the rescue!

PS- tomorrow is supposed to be 116-118 degrees! Yikes!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ever had a Budweiser Cake?

(regular size pan vs BUDWEISER size)

Me neither-

But I'm going to try and make one! The special occasion is for my uncle's 80th birthday,
and he happens to to be biggest all-time BUD fan since forever.

All the family will gather together and we will celebrate the BIG OCCASION! :)

Here is my first attempt-

(pretend I had red and dark blue icing instead of pink and purple)
(And pretend the icing was well mixed and didn't spoozch on the cake)

(And pretend I remembered to spray paint the cake silver before I decorated it)

Not bad, I think, for my first time!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Vote for The Thornhill's! SheKnows.com-HomeStretch


We won a room makeover with some great friends of ours!
They remodeled our room, we remodeled theirs! It was a blast!

You can watch the short videos here and then scroll down to the LOVE IT/HATE IT pictures and click on which one you like the best! Then click the brown bar underneath and you're done!

Winner receives a little more cash to 'finish off' their room with the perfect accessories!

You can vote as many times as you like until June 30th!

I hope you watch it and vote! We had a blast!!!!


Beth Ann

Friday, June 17, 2011

Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort and Spa

Wouldn't it be neat to win a weekend get-away for the family? Especially since it is kid-friendly?
Well try entering this one: Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort and Spa! (Chandler, AZ)

You can win
  • One night stay at the Sheraton Wild Horse Resort and Spa, with the option of an additional night for only $99.
  • Dinner for two at Ko’sin
  • Voucher for 4- lunch at Hanyo Poolside bar and Grill
  • 3 hours of Native American inspired arts and crafts with Sheraton Adventure Club
Go check it out! There are multiple ways of earning entries! :) Good Luck!

Trying my hand at fruit leather!

I read that you can use any combination of fruits and that the skins can be added and are also very nutritious- so I tried what I had in the fridge: Kiwis and a nectarine.
I did add skins of kiwi and of course the skin of the nectarine (which we eat normally).
Does anyone eat the skin of kiwi? This is new to me. :)

So it looks like guacamole, but I'm gonna try it! Wish me luck! :)
As an added bonus- Jeff worked so hard all day Thursday to build me a much better
compost bin for our school garden! It turned out beautifully! Thanks Jeff, I love you!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Zesty Cheesy Kale Chips

I found a GREAT website: Uncooking 101 (easy*no-bake*living)

I saw these Zesty Cheesy Kale Chips and thought I could make them in the oven (dehydrated), but then I saw my chance to grab an Excalibur Food Dehydrator on sale, and Linkmake them the first recipe to try!

Tierney and I made them according to the easy to follow directions.

They have a nice creamy texture and the kale chips were a little chewy, which I really liked. Sometimes potato chips are just too hard and I like a little crunchy with chewy. These chips deliver! I have more 'dip' left over and will do a batch of brightly colored swiss chard next!I highly recommend this as a first experiment into raw foods- it was an easy transition, and my 10 year old daughter had a great time making them and helping me eat them! :)
My husband even tried one!