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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Day 15 and SPRING BREAK IS HERE!!!!!

Okay, picture this....

A huge boulder sitting squat on the ground that represents all the stuff that we have to do in our life. Now picture a beautiful wide wooden plank that teeters on that huge boulder. My job is to balance myself on that beautiful plank without teetering down to the ground. Teeter it to the ground-and that means disaster.
So far I have been teetering millimeters away from the ground, or actually touching the ground. I need to learn to slowly back myself up that beautiful plank and get to the point on it where it is perfectly balanced on that huge boulder. *How do I do that?*
That is the trick, figuring out how to balance the things in your life, so it is harmonious. I try hard, but it seems like I am either doing nothing and being lazy, or working my petunia off. I need to work more on figuring out that perfect balance.
So far I am praying for Lauren, hoping T will survive today (so far so good) and wishing my hair appointment will go smoothly. (I forgot about looking good for Easter, and no mom, havent bought an outfit for me yet) I will have everyone looking good though. :)
So budget cuts next year mean no arts and other classes. Not sure where that leaves me as of right now. We'll see. No use worrying about it right now.
We have begun the "remodel" process for our bathroom. We will have our first company come out and look, talk, design and show us ideas. We then decide if we want to go with them. They seem very flexible with our schedule, which is important to me. Ill keep you posted as to what is happening with that. (Dont worry Mrs. Smith, no proceeding until you come back and we talk)

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