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Friday, March 21, 2008

Day 16 and seems like a year already...

I cant believe it was a short 16 days ago that I learned about and started my own blog! Seems like a year ago... Geez! Of course I am still learning and cultivating my own voice and personality in this world, but that also comes with time.
For at least this very minute, I have found the perfect balance in our lives. This day started off with my eyes closed but ears open as the kids were talking (not even whispering) at the doorway to my room. I didn't hear what Cope said, but T said she was going to tell on him and as I could hear her walking into my room, I could hear him say, "T, I'm sorry. I'm not gonna be your friend!" My eyes were still closed when she said, "Mom, (and there was a long hesitation)...Mom, can I watch TV?"
Ah...two things happened here.
Either she knew she had really nothing to tell on Cope with, or she knew I would get upset with her for tattling. I smiled inwardly and said "Yes". Oh, a few more moments of quiet until the next argument.
Then I remembered the 'bug guy' was supposed to be here at 10:00, and I wanted to shower beforehand. As I lay there enjoying the peace and quiet, the phone rang... and as I hung up, I contemplated whether or not I should even get back in bed. I laid back down, closed my eyes and my brain started thinking of things. Darn brain! So I got up and started off the day. BUT WITH ONE DIFFERENCE...no rushing and yelling down the hall to make the bed, get dressed, pick up room, etc. AHHHHHH...how nice it was!
It was so great that I had time to fix myself a huge glass of ice water, sit in the toy room and delegate who puts what where, take a shower, and pick up the kitchen. Cope offered to help me make breakfast, which I jumped at. He made "C" and "T" pancakes from start to finish! I made mine and we all enjoyed the most wonderful breakfast ever! Fresh strawberries, real maple syrup, orange juice...yes, a breakfast of champions!
Bug guy has come and gone, and we need to get to Walmart for egg coloring stuff since we are celebrating Easter tonight. Weird, I know, but fits us.
Tomorrow morning we will get up early and go to LegoLand! Spend the night in a hotel, get up early Easter morning and go see Jimmy's place (which we haven't seen yet) and then head off to the Wynne Easter Brunch. I think we might go back to Uncle Don's afterwards, but we'll see.
Ahhhh...spring break is wonderful! I really wasn't sure if I would make it to this point.
Well, got to get these 'lazies' to put their shoes on so we can go to Walmart! More later!

Well, I'm winding down my day and it was wonderful for my first day of vacation! We celebrated Easter tonight and they had 2 baskets each to open up- one from us and one from Fred and Trudy, our awesome neighbors next door. They had a great time decorating their eggs too- each one got to pick out their decorating kit and we had great colors with glittering them too! :)
We've packed and now just relaxing! I'm going to add pictures of our evening.
Happy Easter!
(will be on again Monday!)

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