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Friday, March 14, 2008

Day 8 and what a day! (Re-Do)

Okay, Saturday morning and I reread my blog entry from last night. Most of it didn't make sense as I could barely keep my eyes open last night! I'm going to fix it so it reads better and makes sense! LOL
I am so glad it is Friday! For one, it has been howling at about 25 mph since last night. The weather has been really weird here in Palm Springs. It sure is a comforting feeling knowing you are safe inside your own home and it really makes me appreciate everything we have!
We finished our Pennies for Cancer drive, which helps children who have leukemia and lymphoma cancers FIND A CURE.
I wasn't sure how much we would raise, and hoped we could come close to the $800.00 I happen to put down on the event poster. I have never had a money fundraiser before and really didn't even know what amount to start off with.
Each week we collected change and kept track of how much each teacher and grade level raised.
The winning grade level will be going to the park for the day, so stakes are very high. Today was the last day and I started counted the left over change not finished by the students today. I started at 2:00 and when Jeff arrived at 3:00 with Tierney, I was going strong. We counted until 5:15 and finally got everything counted except the big money jars from the student store and this huge glass jar someone brought in. We loaded everything up into the van and headed off to Stater Brothers grocery store. It really is funny how people stare at you and the grocery cart full of 3 Xerox copy boxes full of dollars and cash....everything from "Wow! How long did you save for?", to "It sounds like a slot machine in here"... by 6:45 pm we were done.
Technically not though, as the bank was closed by then and we need to go back tomorrow to turn in all the dollar bills into a money order. (Almost done...)
Jeff is already 'out' on the couch and I'm soon to follow. I can barely think and keep my eyes open. I think I will sign off now as my brain has stopped working.
Ill write more tomorrow!


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