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Monday, July 7, 2008

I still consider myself new to blogging, so when I find something of great interest, I can't get enough of it. I found this website called SCRIBBIT, and it is all about a mom raising 4 children in Alaska. My first thought was they were on a snowy frontier, living in a yurt, chopping their own firewood...you know...Alaska. Well- I cant tell you how wrong I was!
I have not only gotten a fresh idea of life in Alaska, but made a far-away connection to a place I now want to travel to!
I have really enjoyed everything about Michelle Mitchell's great website-and try to learn and emulate what she does. I love reading not only what she writes about, but how she uses words...something I need to practice desperately. (smile) She even has give-aways and contests, which has pushed me as a blogger to enter as many as I can!
Her latest is July's Write-Away Contest where she asks you to write about "Wonder Woman"... your interpretation of it...from a parents perspective, a busy businesspersons' view... you decide.
I decided to enter my version of "Wonder Woman", which I really felt like, as this school year came to an end. I thought I would never make it to see June 16th come (last day of school), but not only did I make it, but I listed some of the things I did happen to do throughout the year. See "Am I Dreaming...?"

Michelle- I love your French Beret! Imagine my shock when your house was not a yurt!

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Scribbit said...

WEll that's the nicest link anyone's ever done for the contest--thanks!