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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fashion-ista Me wants to win (haha)

Being a big Target and Walmart shopper does not afford luxury buying like a Coach bag. My idea of a Coach bag is a dusty, worn out baseball bag some little league coach slings over his shoulder before practice!
But a chance to win an honest-to-goodness Coach bag? A REAL one??? Well you gotta go see La Vie De Laurie here, and enter! You could 'win this fabulous brand new COACH SOHO MULTI PRINT HOBO that retails for $298.' Isn't it just super adorable?
Oh I can only dream!!!


Joanne Kennedy said...

Well since I've had my two neck surgeries I can't carry a shoulder bag any more. So I will let YOU win this great purse. Or maybe I should go try and win and if I do I could bribe you to hand over your new apron stash for the purse. LOL

No tips from either but sounds like a lot of people like Oxy Clean and soak it over night. But don't do it with red.


Angela said...

I am not a purse kind of girl so I won't enter and this will keep your chances to win better! Hee, hee..I won't even spread the word because then you will have more competition...LOL

womaninawindow said...

I'm not so sure the Coach bag would go with all my second hand clothes. I'd feel like a donkey carrying a lamp. It'd just be weird, but thanks.