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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tackle-It Tuesdays!!! My first attempt!

Last Tuesday I decided to make-it-a-go on the kids' toy room being remodeled into a craft room. They are now 7 and were thrilled with my sister's toy room turned craft room, so I thought, "Okay. I can do that too."
I am going to post alot of pics, so grab your favorite beverage, a snack and sit down and relax!

Toy room before. Major battles about putting stuff away and many hours were spent 'supervising' them while they put things back.

Semi-cleaned up but so disorganized. Too many toys and a gazillion plastic worthless pieces from you name it, that should be just thrown away.

Again, picked up, but too busy and disorganized. Some toys on the shelves I don't think have ever been touched!

The new 'mess mat' is a cheap remnant we found at Lowe's and the picnic table will fit perfectly on top of it, for any spills.

After- Some toys taken out, cleaned up bins and moved stuff out we didn't use.

After-with the new 'mess mat' in place and each bin labeled and all the art supplies that were in my laundry room cupboards, now neatly organized in each bin. (Please ignore the pool towels hanging over the door-I'm just now seeing them!)

neat and not so cluttered

Each bin is labeled and organized. (and washed-yuck!)

I even labeled these bins!

Ta-Dah!!!! (bowing to the audiences hoots and hollers...)

Thank you to 5 Minutes for Mom for the inspiration and challenge! I wonder what I will come up with next? Check out their blog and see if you are up to the challenge!


The Apron Queen said...

You go girl. Great tackles. And I just have to say I love the pic of you on the waterslide. Woo Hoo! :)

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Audra Krell said...

Very, very nice tackle! I'm loving your ambition and hard work, thanks for sharing the pictures.