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Monday, July 7, 2008

And on the 8th day she rested....

Today is "lazy day"... the day after a vacation where all the laundry needs to be done, the house picked up, errands ran, blogs updated.... you know...

We just got back from our yearly "Firecracker BalloonFest" up in Bear Valley Springs, Ca. which is nestled within the Tehachapi mountains. The great community there invites us up to help them celebrate the 4th of July. We free fly and also offer rides for those interested. Usually we don't have enough balloons for the amount that wants to ride, but this year we succeeded!
We had our favorite balloonists, Don and Kamma Kissick, coordinate the whole weekend and we had absolutely gorgeous weather for the 18th year in a row (of course!).
Here is what the weekend looks like:

*get there (2-3 hours depending on how many 'kid breaks' we take)
*set up camp (we tent camp, but LONG for a toybox where we can have a real bathroom and shower)
*meet and greet everyone at camp (usually at least 20 other families)
*go to bed by midnight
*get up 5:00am to get everyone ready and beg for coffee from anyone I can (Thanks Lauren!)
*Get to field by 6:00am, pilot briefing at 6:15, set up balloon while Jeff at meeting
*6:30am meet new guests (usually first time flyers) and inflate balloon
*7:00am- try to be off ground asap and load up truck. Get ready to "chase" balloon
*9:00am- try to be on ground and packing up balloon
*10:00- enjoying the biggest tailgating party with new guests with balloonists toast
*11:00am-midnight- do whatever you want back in camp (usually involves napping, showering and more eating)
Repeat for the following days.

Our modest tent
and beautiful

Cope and Tierney took their scooters and had a great time-until they crashed and burned! They had a great time then going from camp to camp peeling off the bandages and showing everyone.

Of course
I only
brought 1 pair.
What could happen
in 2 days, right?

And of course
I only brought flip-flops
for my daughter
who won't wear
tennis shoes...
Thanks to Tom Pratt who cleverly duck-taped the one flip back on!
Can you say, "Whiskey-Tango"?

Just some of
my favorite balloons

"Panda-monium" the latest balloon from Tim Chico- and YES!
You can get a ride from this bear- Just call Tim @ 760-717-8444

More beautiful

The beautiful
valley we flew in

The "Carousel"
(our balloon) is the multi-colored one with bunting (2nd to R of Panda)
Click on picture to enlarge

This oak tree
was so neat that I
had to take a picture!

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