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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cheer, Cheer for Old Notre Dame....

We just got back from another great vacation in South Bend, Indiana-Thank You Aunt Bette and Uncle Ted!
We have been very lucky to travel with our whole family, each time we go somewhere.
This trip had a purpose-to spend time with my favorite aunt and uncle.
Knowing we would be quite 'rowdy', we came up with creative solutions so we wouldn't overwhelm our aunt and uncle! We each took 'cooking nights' and did clean up... which worked really well I thought!
(see below for the beginnings of a weenie roast)

Here we are picnicking in the garage!
(Aunt Mary- you outdid yourself! Thank you! Did you get all the toys picked up?)

Here Uncle Robb (aka "Mathlete") is teaching my kids how to ride bikes with no training wheels! Thank You Uncle Robb!

Cooling off with alot of pool time!
Note* the little house in the background is the pool house.

Aunt Mary brought out the 'baby toys' she had- and all the kids, even adults, flocked to them and played all afternoon with them!

Uncle Ted's famous bonfire that he starts with a telescope lens- No matches!

All lit and (again) it was the best weenies and s'mores we have ever had!

Aunt Bette playing with the newest addition- Jillian

Grandma taking the kids for a "Sporty" ride.

And this is my favorite picture. This is my view as I wake up each morning. The last night of our vacation, I just stared in awe of the passing lightning and thunder storm- we don't get those in Palm Springs!

Thanks for coming along!


Ronda's Rants said...

Thanks for visiting me...Did you say you were from Palm Springs...Our best friend lives there and we are usually there every July... except this year...we have to work. I love Palm Springs...so beautiful! Your vacation looks like it was fun!

Kelli said...

Oooooo...s'mores! yum! Great pics! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Drop in anytime!