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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bugs, Bugs and More Bugs...

Summer time is chock full of goodies like picnics, sleep-overs, sweet-smelling grass, and BUGS!
Check out all the bugs we collected all over our travels this summer so far!
This is just one of m-a-n-y lightning bugs we caught each night in South Bend, Indiana.
(you can click any pic to enlarge)

These 'walking sticks' fell out of the trees literally as we sat underneath them in the woods where we had our weenie roast!

More lightning bugs...

Little teeny-tiny frogs were everywhere too!

Can you see the little teeny-tiny frog?
(Click to enlarge pic)

And more lightning bugs!

This is a teeny-weenie little caterpillar that looks like a splotch of mustard or bird poop.
It is indeed a baby caterpillar.

*No bugs were harmed during the making of this documentary



Great bug pics! My son will love these. thanks for entering the Beach House giveaway at my blog. Good luck!

womaninawindow said...

While we were climbing into our tents last night my husband and I were lamenting that we've no lightening bugs 'round here. My kids dont' even know them...yet...

Joanne Kennedy said...

Oh wow! I've never seen a lightning bugs before! I have always wanted to see one. My mom used to tell us stories about catching them when she was a little girl. Here in CA we don't have them.

Thanks for showing them.

Those stick bugs are crazy aren't they? I know people who have them as pets around here. They are another bug we don't see in wild around here. Just pet stores. Strange huh?