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Sunday, July 27, 2008

I'm going to make a statement:

I'm a yo-yo dieter. All my life I have seemed to gain, lose, gain lose, gain, lose... you get the idea.

I have struggled with weight all my life and recently made the commitment that by the time I was 40, I would be my ideal weight. Well........ that hasn't happened-yet.
I turn 41 this September and I'm joining my sister in the journey down the path of en-lighter-ment. <----- get it? "Lighter"-ment... (giggle) I have my NutraSystem to finish up, and by then Ill have this 'buying local' and 'organic' thing down pat. I'm reading up on great dishes, and (it may sound funny) I made a Rachel Ray dinner the other night and the whole family loved it! It couldn't have gone better! I'm pledging to: *stick faithfully to my weight loss plan *buy at least $10.00 worth of local produce weekly (FoodRoutes.com)
*research recipes to try- and have my kids help more with making it! (they love to cook)

I'm going to make it easy on myself so that I will stick to this. The more I add, the more overwhelmed I get. I need Simple, Easy, Manageable Chunks.
This is my famous Cod Cakes and Smashed Potatoes recipe from Rachel Ray! And on our 9th anniversary, no less! We had dinner by candlelight and fresh flowers! (My flash made it look bright) Anyone can join me and "pledge" to work on something! Maybe you've been meaning to write a letter to an older relative, maybe go visit someone special, maybe exercise more, could be anything!
Come join me and let me know what you want to "pledge" for the summer! I'll keep you posted on my progress and you can too!

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Ronda's Rants said...

Okay, you have totally inpired me! I have gained weight since turning 50 and I want it gone! I like your thinking on local and organic...I have been toying with going vegan..It has been four weeks...no weight loss though. But, I am up to the pledge...body, soul and mind.