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Saturday, July 12, 2008

We are celebrating!

Life, really, should be full of little celebrations here and there. Don't you think so?
Rachael at The Rose Room is doing just that- she is celebrating her 100th post!
Here is a little bit of info so she can get to know me:

  1. Relationship: Married 9 years (July 24th)
  2. Children: Cope and Tierney turned 7! (June 11th)
  3. Pets: Dakota and 5 fish
  4. Age: 4o (ugh)
  5. Star Sign: Virgo, of course!
  6. Fave Food: lobster and strawberries
  7. Fave Drink: Ice Tea
  8. House Decor Style: Whatever I fancy at the moment
  9. Collections: Shells, Rocks, Sand, Vintage serving bowls, pitchers, little porcelain figurines, globes, too many to list!
  10. How Did You Get Into Blogging: I took a class at a convention to learn what this 'blogging' was all about. I created one and haven't stopped learning!

This is where I blog from, usually late at night like now...12:19am!

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