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Friday, July 25, 2008

Where do you buy your food from?

I've been hearing alot about food dilemmas. Farmers loosing money because corporations are coming in and taking business away. I have also heard how little framers receive for their food, as corporations buy low and sell higher to consumers.

I found this website committed to helping local farmers get back their business by spreading the word to buy locally. Here is one reason: You'll strengthen your local economy - Buying local food keeps your dollars circulating in your community. Getting to know the farmers who grow your food builds relationships based on understanding and trust.

We have a Thursday night Farmers Market here in Palm Springs!
Now you might say to yourself, "Oh my goodness! Something grows in the desert? No way!"
But yes! Did you know we grow most of the dates here in the US, and they were imported straight from those exotic places where camels come from?! Yes! There is a whole history here in our Coachella Valley on how we used to grow the most amazing things! (checkout a book called "Images of America: Indio" by Patricia Baker Laflin.
But back to my story....

Last night I found this website called FoodRoutes.org and I pledged to help my local farmers by buying atleast $10.00 worth of local produce. Tonight we walked downtown Palm Springs in the 105 degree weather (not too bad) and we purchased fresh tomatoes grown on the vine, plump peaches, homemade banana nut and cinnamon bread, and handmade crocheted potholders in delightful colors!
I really took time to see each booth, and saw some great things! I wanted to share them with you...

This really cool stone sculpture I never noticed before

What in the world is this?
It's like a tic-tac!
It was so adorable, just sitting there!

Window shopping and saw this darling box purse for a great price!

This lady is awesome! She'll paint the whole family on a pillow with names included! They are a must-have! www.thepaintedpillow.com

"Tikis by Mike"- love this booth!

Incredible paintings by local artists...
as well as handmade pottery, vases, candles, soaps, jewelry, so much we have here in Palm Springs!

If you travel out our way, let me know and Ill go with you! I'm a great tour guide! Come a day early so you can see our Farmers Market in beautiful downtown Palm Springs!

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