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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Am I dreaming...?

I'm sitting here in this increasingly uncomfortable chair, doing laundry, snacking on a hot pretzel (not Nurtisystem) and looking for my airplane reservations....all the while wondering if I need to be pinched-
Is tomorrow really our last day for this year?

I keep going over it in my head...half day, last day, half day, last day...
I think it just might be, by golly! I am afraid I will wake up and find out I still have 6 weeks left.

I need to look back on this incredible year-if only to take inventory of HOW FRICKIN' MUCH I DID THIS YEAR!
*learned three new jobs at once
*came up with my own curriculum for 1 of them
*participated in a UCLA Media in the Violence study program
*did everything the previous ASB Advisor did, and then some
*successfully created and published a yearbook with minimal glitches, despite server being down for over two weeks (right before my deadline was due)
*survived Harvest Festival
*had a community member come to school and teach mosaics
*had a second community member come to school and teach mosaics
*entered our school in not one, but two art shows
*created a mosaic 'matador' mascot for our school via the artists and mosaic classes
*brought my hot air balloon to school for two weeks and taught the kids how to "crew"
*learned how to do deposits for the whole school
*learned bookkeeping for ASB (a second job all in itself!)
*and a whole slew of other odd things...(brain fart)

Of course- I could not have done any of this without the help of some VERY SPECIAL friends:
*Tracey Hermann- for his tireless efforts working on the yearbook
*Nedra Young- mother, artist, community member, FRIEND...who gave so much of her time to be with me and my students and teach us the wonderful art of mosaics
*Jennifer Johnson-artist extraordinare, who also gave us her all with teaching these kids the art of mosaics
*Teresa Weeks- who helped me count countless bills each month
*Mrs. Atik- who so graciously donated not 1, but 4 digital cameras for our yearbook class!
*Cathy Seeger- who has been my stronghold and personal advice columnist whenever I ran into a problem (which was quite often!)
*The "Foul-Mouth-Friday Lunchers- who kept me sane and could always make me smile or laugh, despite how downtrodden I was (I love you guys!)
*My mom, who I love very much, and who listened to me complain, bitch, moan, cry, and laugh as well as monopolize every conversation we had together, with me and my jobs this year
*Jeff, my husband, who tried to be so patient as I went through hell and back, and stayed with me at school when I needed him to
*God- who listened to me each time I talked, held my hand through tough times, and even carried me on his shoulders a time or two

THANK YOU- each and every one of you. I survived and am so thankful I had you by my side.

Hugs and kisses-

Beth Ann

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Scribbit said...

Wow! I'm am amazed--and I think that's great how you wrote it all down--doesn't that just make you feel like a superhero?