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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Bonfires and bugs go together...

Summer just isn't summer without a trip to South Bend, Indiana and a bonfire (aka campfire).
We have had a tradition of a yearly bonfire for at least 32 years, if not longer. It seems like each time we flew back to South Bend, either winter or summer, we had a bonfire.
Not just any bonfire either- a MONSTROUS bonfire sometimes!
The best were the winter bonfires, where my uncle would make a huge "ice castle" (as we called them) and somewhere nearby we would go out into the woods with our winter coast, boots, hats and gloves, and sit around the bonfire and chit-chat or roast marshmallows.

Just a few weeks ago we flew back, the whole family, to South Bend for a visit. My uncle didn't disappoint us as we had a bonfire/weenie roast! It was set in the side yard (which is a wooded area with a clearing) and we brought the patio chairs down from the porch, and had a wonderful weenie roast with all the fixings!
I wanted to share them with you~


quitecontrary1977 said...

that looks so much fun. in mississippi this time of year, if you want to be outside, you have to build giant bonfires to keep the mosquitoes at bay..

womaninawindow said...

Ummmm...summer. Good times.


That looks like incredible memories in the making. So much fun!