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Monday, August 18, 2008

Menu Plan Monday Aug 18th (I'm brand new)

I'm very excited to join in on the fun that Laura at I'm an Organizing Junkie has each Monday. I have been menu planning all summer, and was so excited to hear people blog about this! (My husband is groaning right now...)
Hop on over to Laura's if you want to join in on the fun- or just go check it out and be impressed with all the new recipes you can browse through!

BTW- these are all Rachel Ray's 30 minute Express Lane Meals!

Monday: Leek-y Chicken and Couscous p.22

Tuesday: Three Vegetable Penne and Tarragon-Basil Pesto p. 36

Wednesday: Steak, Fried Onions and Potato Salad Bowl with Blue Cheese Vinaigrette p. 38

Thursday: Chicken and Sweet Corn and Potato Saute p. 72

Friday: Tuscan Calzones with "the works" p. 118
I have to give it up to Rose-Anne, who typed it all out and blogged about it!
Thank you Rose-Anne!

PS- to all of you who have done this before- how do you get your recipes on-line? What if there is no on-line version? Please give me some advice! I was hoping to find each one and link it- but cannot find any that were in this cookbook! :(
They are all great tasting!


Elizabeth said...

BA-Stop by my blog and pick up your Super Commenter Award!

Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

Welcome! All of those sound really good!

Teresa said...

Hi Beth Ann...welcome to MPM.

One way of getting your recipes online is to type each one in as a post on your blog...you could then just link to your blogpost when you want to link them up. Another way would be to find somewhere online where you might could scan and then upload them. You could then link to that location. I'm sure others will tell you how they do things. Have a great day!

Rosiecat said...

Hello, Beth Ann!

You are more than welcome to link to the calzone recipe. It's one of my favorites! I like how friendly that recipe is to modifications, depending on what you like and what's available.

Will you report back on your recipe adventures for the week? I saw the Three Vegetable Penne with Tarragon-Basil Pesto and thought it sounded tasty, but I haven't tried it yet...

As for posting recipes, I type out recipes that I want to share. I almost always have something I want to add to the recipe, such as a modification or a word of advice on the cooking. Providing the recipe myself lets me put my own spin on things, which, to me, is a big part of the fun and freedom of home cooking.

Happy cooking!

Kiy said...

Hi and welcome to MPM, it's fun and addictive! Your week looks great. To answer your question, I would think RR wouldn't have many of her book recipes available on-line (at least her newer books) as then what is the incentive for folks to buy them? I collect recipes (had to start my own recipe blog to hold my collection!). Usually, for older recipes, I just type them out and for others, I visit other MPMers and copy/paste them (and their link). When I post that recipe I always link back to them.

Cheers, have a super week! Kiy

Brooke said...

most of my recipes come from www.kraftfoods.com, so its not hard to go back and find the link to them.

welcome to the party! :)