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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bringing home the clothes... part 2 of The Outlet Malls

Well- highly successful day shopping with family in tow.

It went something like this...

(7:00am) riing, rriinngg,, riinnggggg... ("Boink!"...alarm clock get snoozed)

Repeat this three more times.

3 hours later...I stumbled out of bed and proceeded to check on kids and wake up hubby.
By 12:30 we had showered, dressed, ate lunch (what happened to breakfast?) and on our way.
(Click on pics to enlarge)

From Palm Springs going WEST towards Cabazon, we pass the windmills.

Then we pass Morongo Casino and Bowling Center....

They have a TON of things to do here, and it is located practically right next door to the outlet mall!

pic courtesy of Morongo

And we are here!

Remember there are TWO outlet malls right next to each other!

This is what the coupon booklet looks like (remember to go to information office and show your AAA card) I got to use the coupons on top of the already discounted merchandise!

We did make it to Stride-Rite, which we scored at for Tierney! Cope only looked at shoes that had the "Z-Strap". (no shoe strings, only Velcro)

Cope wore his out the door. He would have slept in them too if I hadn't caught him.

Tierney's shoes...this is the most shoes she has ever owned!

Went in some cool stores!

Admired the beautiful landscaping!

Even mommy got some new diggs!

Here is our stash from the day....

All the kids' clothes...

Mommy's clothes... (YES! there is a dress in there!)

And these iron candlesticks were an awesome deal!
Originally $30.00 a piece
On Sale $19.99 a piece
I got them for $1.99 a piece!!!!
Of course my husband said loudly, "And what do you need those for?"
So I shot him my "Why are you even asking me this question?" glare and he just smiled and sat back down.

Whew! I'm exhausted!


Joanne Kennedy said...

I love going to outlet malls. I had to crack up over the "look" you gave your husband. Heck for that price you should have been getting even more! Men! They just don't get it. LOL


womaninawindow said...

$1.99 a piece? OK, I could definitly handle some outlet shopping!