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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Addicted to Antiques! (Las Vegas style)


After celebrating the 40th wedding anniversary of my in-laws, I have rediscovered my passion for two things.... 1) time with 'the girls' and 2) antiquing!!!

Even though I lived in Las Vegas for close to 6 years, I was a new and busy teacher, getting married, getting my Masters, trying to become pregnant...blah, blah, blah... so that didn't leave alot of time for me to do what I love to do-antique shopping by myself.

The reason I say by myself is that when I finally get some time to do something special-like antique shopping-I want to be alone. No one to say, "Hey- look at this" or "Oh my gosh, you have to come see this" as they drag me further away from my current spot...or sigh because they are bored, or talk incessantly while I concentrate on looking and being absorbed into the moment...and I want to TAKE MY TIME. If I want to spend 5 hours in one store, going over the same things, then I can. No one to bother me or make me feel guilty, or ruin my special day...

ANAL? Yes- I am a Virgo after all, and 40- so I have a right to be anal and enjoy my day alone!

However- this day I was pleasantly surprised because my sister-in-law and Mother-in-law wanted to come with me! And to make it even better- my dear hubby said he would take the twins and go visit a friend who had a pool! So no kids in the antique store! YIPPEE!!!

So off we went- and had a MARVELOUS TIME! It was so great to spend more time with them, and find treasures along the way. I had talked to them about aprons (Hi Lisa-the Apron Queen) and salt cellars (Hi Lisa T. from Open Salts) So we scoured the store for both!
I had already made out a list of 8 antique stores, so we would have plenty of places to choose from!
Ready? Here we go!
This doesn't look very big-but it is HUGE inside!!! Cubby room after cubby room....
(CLICK on any pic to enlarge)

How could you not go in an take a peek after seeing a door like this? (I'm hyperventilating just thinking about going in...)

This needlepoint was sooo cute! I loved this little corner!

Ahhhhh....salt cellars! I recently has some shipped to me from my favorite aunt! They originally came from her mom (my grandmother) and she remembered her using them on the table!

This was one of my favorite rooms! The Tiki Room! I could have bought everything in here!

Ad guess what these are?.... YES! APRONS!!!!!
A whole rack full of them and there were some scattered throughout the store...I bought my daughter one to wear while helping me in the kitchen!

Here are the treasures that I bought...
5 cute little bowls @ $25.00, 1 blue and silver salt cellar @ $8.00, 1 apron for Tierney @ $5.00, 2 Matchbox cars for Cope @ $1.50

We spent over 4 hours in that one store and were exhausted when we came out!

So we went out to lunch! The perfect ending to the perfect day! Thank you Donna and Elaine!
(you know I'm going back every time I come visit, right?!)

Next time we will go right next door to the Red Rooster Antique Mall! Yippee!!! I cant wait!


Joanne Kennedy said...

Oh I love the salt cellar you got. I collect them too! I would have gotten the one you did too. Very nice and different.

Looks like a fun place to go. Will have to stop there my next trip to Vegas.


mama wants more said...

Nothing better than spending time alone (or with good girl friends) doing something that makes you happy! Glad you found some special treasures.

Lee said...

This definately looks like fun.