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Friday, August 22, 2008

I need to go buy some pot(s)!

Haha- did I catch your attention?

Actually, we are in need of a pot or two for the backyard. We have plans to sink some beautiful fountain grasses in it, and place it by the pool.
We are in the very beginning stages of redoing the backyard to make it presentable. Let me paint you a picture.
First off, go to hell. No, no, I don't mean literally. I mean picture yourself in hell. What do you see?
Rocks, mounds of dirt on fire, stones, magma pools, screaming banshees.... well- you just described our backyard, minus the magma.
(see pic above)
Last year my hubby turned off the water to it because we were going to take out the grass, and have it redone in concrete. We really have no place to put patio furniture, so we wanted to expand the area around the pool. So for two summers now, we have had Hell right here in our own backyard!

We have chosen to go 'green' in the backyard, like we did in the front yard, and xeriscape. That means use water wisely, and plant native plants where possible. Here is a great blog to see tons of pics about it!

So let's go to the local home improvement store, shall we? Hop in our dusty van and off we will go! Buckle up!
We're here already! Isn't it neat we live 4 minutes away?
Maybe afterwards we can hit Panda Express?!

Right when you walk in, you come across my favorite isle!
All the cute things you can decorate with! Let's check them out!

Wow- there sure is alot to check out! I cant believe Fall things are coming already!

Oh now this is cute! A glass encrusted starfish-love it!

Oh, now aren't these cute? I've got to have one!

Yup hon, that is the pot I was thinking of...
"What? We'll have pink tones in the rocks we'll be using? Oh, then that pot won't do."

Great job hon! I like that one too! Let's get two of them!

This is my 2nd favorite part of the store! Look at all the color!

If I am not mistaken, these are a tropical variety...bromeliads?

Look what's peeking out the top of these little cuties

These 'braids' always amaze me!

I like these too, so different

Oh orchids! (I've never been brave enough to buy one)

I just love all the color!

Cactus' needs gettin' used to, but can be quite stunning!

But I prefer something more like this.
I want to take you down one more isle before we go...

Ahhh...I could spend hours pouring over all these books!

Thanks for coming with is today!
I'll let you know when we work on the back, and invite you over for some ice tea and lunch!
Be careful- I might put you to work!


Smilingsal said...

I'll pass on the invitation to work. Call me when it's finished, and I'll come and have that glass of tea.

Ronda's Rants said...

I love where you are from...usually every July for 3 or 4 years we have been there visiting our best friend who owns a house in Palm Springs...the rest of the year...he is in San Fransisco! This year we were doing busy with work! It is hot there but so beautiful! I, too like the natural landscaping...every place you go has it's own natural beauty!

The Summer Kitchen Interiors said...

How funny - just came from Lowes - know what you mean about all of those books - you could spend a day & a half there couldn't you? I ALSO know what you mean about Harry......!
Have a great day getting that back yard beautified!
Karla & Karrie

Maggie R said...

wow, can't wait to see it finished...

Rue said...

Hi Beth Ann :)

I love the word magma... say it... maaaaagmaaaa... LOL

Your back yard description cracked me up! I can't wait to see what you do :)


womaninawindow said...

I worked at Lowes eons and about 4 sizes ago. The smell! The smell!!!!!! There is a smell there that to me whispers, "ggggeetttt ouuuutttttttttttttttttttttttt,
whhhhhhhhhillleee yooouuuu sttilll
But nice pots!

Amy said...

Cool plant pots you ended up getting, I love those Bromeliads!

PlantBuddy said...

You're off to a wonderful start with those big pots. You may need to put them on casters (little wheely things) so you can shift them around once they're all planted up (they get pretty heavy to lift). You could faux paint the cement shades of green to mimic grass--just a thought. Good luck, nice photos.