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Thursday, April 17, 2008

World is well again...

This is David's Potato Cannon...Yes, it really shoots potatoes- and far!
It uses hair spray, yes, I said hair spray, and flint to create a combustion.

Finally got together with mom and dad! Tierney wanted to go to Red Robin, so off we went. We had a great dinner and sat and caught up on the haps. We then moved on to Costco for dessert and a quiet-er time to continue catching up!
Dad shaved off his beard and mustache he has had for over 28 years! And this was 1 time I didn't have my camera! Once I got used to it, he looked pretty good. It was weird though to see no hair on his face! LOL
Cope and Tierney couldn't figure out what was different on Grandpa! We got a kick out of that!
Leaving you to enjoy your Friday! I can already taste my yummy iced coffee that I make each morning. I'm getting pretty good at them.
Ciao baby!

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