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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Trompe l'oeil Artist Dina Farris Appel

At the Indian Wells Arts Festival a couple of weekends back, (Where our RCMS mosaic'd bike sculpture was), Jeff and I met this wonderful artist.
Her name is Dina Appel and she grew up in Newport Beach. (not too far from Palos Verdes)
*Click on Dina's name to go to her website!
She does these beautiful Trompe l'oeil paintings that are incredible!
Her work caught our eye because there was one with a balloon in it. We got to talking and low and behold they live in Techachapi and participate in the Bear Valley Springs Balloon Festival each year. That is when we go up to Tehachapi and balloon for the community. They are nestled in the nook of mountains and have a car show, fireworks, arts and crafts, etc... very beautiful and a fun weekend all around!
This is the picture by Dina that caught our eye!

*These two pictures are from the 2005 Bear Valley Springs 4th of July Balloonfest-

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