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Thursday, April 10, 2008


The Yearbook has been completed! Yup, I got to push that little button that said, "PUBLISH" for the last time this year! Boy that felt good! Again I stayed after school and worked on the remaining two pages until it was done, and perfect. Then I pushed that little button.....aaahhhhhhhh....

I will also say that I COULD NOT have gotten it done without my best buddy at school-Tracy Hermann! Tracy has come to my rescue when I was so sick before and after Christmas holiday. He took over my classes, took on ASB and Yearbook, and kept everything in running order.
He has been helping me from the get-go and has put alot of time and effort into the yearbook as well! He has spent the last couple of days in the computer room with me and my classes all day, just to work on the book! I cannot thank him enough!
Tracy- if you read this-THANK YOU HON!

A few things going on...tomorrow is Cope and Tierney's first field trip! They are taking a big bus down to the Long Beach Aquarium! I am so bummed I can't go! They will watch a DVD going down, but I'm not sure which one. They will leave around 7:00am and return close to 5:00pm! Long Day! Then we pick them up and away we go to camp in the Carizzo Plains! I'm bushed and Ive still got some packing to do! Good Night until next week!

*Grandma and Grandpa will be coming home next week! We are so excited!!!!
Mom- if you are reading this, check the news channels for airline news. They are all shutting down or going bankrupt...tons of people are stranded. Let me know if you will be affected.
(Yeah, that would suck being stranded in Austraila for awhile!) LOL

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