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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Is it only HUMP DAY??? Feels like Thursday.

Well, week isn't going so bad...my fingers are itching to get the yearbook done. Deadline was Monday and I'm still tooling at it. Ive got a friend helping, but he doesn't feel the stress as much, and is happy to help. Just not at the warp speed that I want to get this done at! LOL
Ive ordered the pizza for my kids (for Friday) in anticipation of us being done and all turned in!
I'm going back to school tonight to introduce myself to all the new 5th grader moms and dads. They must be so nervous coming to a 'big campus' and meeting all new people! I know I would be!
I will try not to be nervous and let them know I am here to help them any way I can.
Besides that, the wind had died way down, which I was hoping it would continue so we could either cancel the motor home, or take it somewhere just for us...doesn't look like that will happen now.
Well, better go get ready!

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