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Sunday, April 20, 2008

My Morning Fix

This has been a great friend to me in the mornings. It's quick and tastes great! Just enough to get me through 3rd period.
I'll share my recipe with you:
Brew your favorite coffee. I use a Melita Coffee pot that can brew one or two tall cups that are ready to go with you.
I then grab a tall heavy plastic glass and fill it with ice all the way to the top. I sprinkle a Mocha flavored Splenda packet into the glass and add a splash of milk. Take your freshly brewed coffee and pour directly onto the ice in your plastic glass. I add a tall straw for easy drinkability. Enjoy!
Warning: make sure it is done brewing before you reach in and grab it, and also DON'T use a real glass for this.

The only time I have problems is when the coffee filter gets folded up, and enough grounds get into the bottom that it makes the coffee pool up inside and nothing comes out!
The first time that happened, I tapped on the coffee maker hard enough to make it come out, but then I drank coffee grounds all morning!
Don't worry, I warned each of my classes so when I had black stuff between my teeth, they would give me a sign.

Grandma and Grandpa watched the kids all day Saturday so Jeff and I could go to FLABOB Airport, in Riverside, where some of the SCBA members put on the yearly Safety Seminar for ballooning. It was a good time, and we had great speakers with a yummy lunch, but it does make for a long day! Wendy Walsh, Dianna Piles and Liz Gersten all worked hard to put on a great show for us! Thanks Gals!

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