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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Day 27 and still excited from last night

Yesterday afternoon Erin, Robb and the kids arrived at our house for a quick over-nighter. They just got back into the US at around 11:00 am or so...they had been touring New Zealand for the past 6 weeks while traveling in a motor home in order to travel all over- How cool would that be?
As soon as they walked in, (4:00pm) I got a big hug from everyone, especially Jamie and Bobby, and Robb proclaimed, "I'm bushed. I going to take a little nap". At 7:00pm, Erin had to wake him up....he was so tired!
It was a wonderful visit and I finally shared a glass of wine with my sister for the first time since Christmas! (We have these 1 day a week "girls talk" where we talk and sip our wine)
Jillian was OF COURSE adorable and all the kids were so big!
The kids played with every toy in the toyroom, and then watched a movie, while the adults sat around after dinner at the table talking. We were told several times to 'be quiet" so they could hear the movie! Imagine! LOL
We celebrated Robb and Jamie's birthday with a cake and sang Happy Birthday. Dinner consisted of a huge tri-tip roast, steamed cauliflower, mixed salad, and fresh cut strawberries, honeydew and cantaloupe. Homemade brushettea started us off before the roast was done.
We were all full and sat an talked for hours....what a great way to end the day!
All the kids were going to sleep with Cope and T, and it started out great except they all played in the bedroom with all the toys they brought in there. Pretty soon Bobby and Jamie came out and started playing in the hallway. I went to check on Cope and T, and they were both fast asleep!
Too bad I couldn't take the next day off...but we all still had a great time!
(In case you are wondering, I did have 3 pieces of sourdough bread with brushetta, and a glass of wine which was not on my plan, but no cake!)
Tonight Dad went to his baseball game, so I cooked mac and cheese for the kids.
For myself I made Florentine sauce with chicken fettuccine and as I was pulling it out of the micro, T said, "Oh! What is that? It smells good!"
I said, "That is my dinner-Florentine sauce with chicken fettuccine".
"Is that on your diet?", she asked slyly.
"Yes, it is silly", I replied.
"Okay, just checking mom", and off she went to eat her dinner!
We have two big treats coming up!
First one is Aunt Kathy Branconier is coming to visit us with Teresa (also known as 'T') tomorrow night, and staying until Friday morning! We will go out to dinner Friday night and I cant wait! One less night I have to cook!
Then Jimmy just called (my brother) , and Abby and Jimmy T will come out Saturday and stay with us all Saturday and Sunday! Yeah!!! The kids can't believe their luck! Three sets of cousins in a week! They are overjoyed and can hardly stand it! They will be soooo tired come Monday! LOL Too bad we can't take any time off!
This weekend is the Indian Wells Arts Festival!!!!
My mosaic class entered an art contest put on by the Scrap Gallery- it is a recycle project using a bicycle! We mosaic'd it in mirrors and I cant wait to see it! Ill be taking pictures of it for you to see! The winners will get their art displayed somewhere in the Coachella Valley permanently!
I hope that we really win! We have worked hard on it, thanks to Nedra Young and Jennifer Johnson! Nedra and Jennifer are our inspirational mosaic artists! They have been volunteering their time and materials to come into my classroom twice a week to create projects!

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