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Thursday, June 9, 2011

My book came!

It arrived!

I have been feverishly reading chapters and also information on her website.
Robyn Openshaw is her name and she presents some facts that seem very logical.

Read the tid-bits under Nutrition Manifesto. I'm interested in the alkaline water...don't get it still, but will keep learning about it till I do.

I did read something very interesting about ADHD related to some unhealthy eating habits, and all during my pregnancy all I wanted was McDonald's french fries. *Sigh

I also saved my money and purchased a food dehydrator. If I'm going to do this- I might as well learn and do as much as possible. Besides, using my oven, even on the lowest heat setting, during the summer time here is ridiculous!

Anyone have a food dehydrator and can recommend some things to do with it?
I have already found two great recipes to do with it!
Here is one (Zesty Cheesy Kale Chips), here is another (Nori Nachos).

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