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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Catching Flies....


It has been so hot here in Palm Springs, that the flies wait patiently
by your doorway to ZOOM inside to get cool.

We have had a plethora-cornucopia of flies in the house!

Did I mention I DETEST FLIES?

You know they land on poop, right?


So....I have found a way to amuse myself with them and
give them the treatment they deserve for invading my house....

You know how they fly so fast you can't get them the first day?
Then slowly they get a little slower?

Well, I got my tweezers and fly swatter ready. (snicker, snicker)
and I wait.
and wait...(whistling nonchalantly)

and swat them carefully so they arent really dead yet, only MOSTLY DEAD...
I pick them up with my tweezers and....

Feed them to my Venus Flytrap! (Big Smile Here)

1 comment:

Lorraine said...

Omg!!! the fly is going to get eaten!