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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Making my 1st Green Smoothie!

Our local Certified Farmers Market moved INDOORS for the summer!
I had to go check it out and say HI to a few friends-

So my goal was to find Swiss Chard- you know, that brightly colored stalk with big green leaves?
And Kale. For my Green Smoothies.

I found it! I felt pretty excited I knew it by sight!

I had a hard time not bringing one of everything home.

Found a new food- Lemon Cucumber! (The roundish prickly green/yellow colored things)

Washing up and going to make a Green Smoothie...

Now to taste it.....Verdict: Surprisingly good! It went down smooth, and had a kick to it. It tingles the tongue for awhile and I really enjoyed it. I did notice it helped suppress my appetite all day. (Quite a feat for me)

*Update: I had a second glass today (just refrigerated the blender container) at breakfast and could not finish my egg sandwich. Humm..... will keep posting noticeable results. LOL

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