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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

There was a murder last night....

Murder Mystery Party, that is!

Mom and Dad hosted a murder mystery party last night with the theme being a 5th year high school reunion for Roley High. Even though we we didn't have a lot of time to get ready- we all managed to get into our parts pretty well. It was confusing, crazy and the most fun I've had in awhile! Here are some highlights:

The host: Penelope (Penny) Lofer

Host: Richard (Rick) Alcitrent

Calvin (Cal) Q. Layder

Evelyn (E.C.) Leigh

Dierdre (Dee) C. Deucer

Joseph (Joe) K. Awledge

Priscilla (Pris) E. Teene

Delbert (Dell) Toydes

Ted and Bette also co-played the parts of Rick and Penny

We had a grand time- and after learning an overwhelming amount of facts, taking copious notes and breaking for dinner....we finally figured out who KILLED ROCK E. ROLEY.... It was Cal!
Thank you to Mom and Dad for giving us a great time this night! And thank you to Erin and Robb for getting a babysitter! Whew! :)

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