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Sunday, July 4, 2010

I'm So Anal, That This Is Killin' Me...

...But I have got to forget the last two days and move on....If I stop and blog about the last two days, I'll never catch up to today....so I'm sorry but all you get is TODAY- July 4th!
(I've had numerous problems the last couple of days trying to get on the internet and even once on, to load pictures....truly a nightmare! Robb- THANK YOU for all your help!)
So, Happy 4th of July Everyone!

We are staying the next two weeks in my parents motor home in Blackwell Island RV Park and despite having a few problems with living in the motor home, are really enjoying it! Space is an issue, but as long as the family just does what I tell them, we are fine. (You know like, "Hey- please put your shoes away." or "Your pj's don't belong there Cope."....you get the idea.

Today was wonderful! We enjoyed the BEST parade ever in Coeur d'Alene and here are some pics to prove it!

Well, as it is now 12:28am, and I am still waiting for pics to upload....I think I may call it a day. :( Im so sorry this internet thing is pooping out!

We had a wonderful lunch at MoonTime (my favorite place to eat because they have the most delicious curry cashews!) and then over to Erin's house for a lot of playtime, conversation and ROBB'S FAMOUS WINGS! He makes the best wings ever! Ill try again tomorrow morning to see if I can upload more pics! Until then- Night Night!


SmilingSally said...

It appears that you had an awesome 4th, Beth Ann.

Beth Ann said...

It was wonderful- Thank you! I hope you enjoyed yours too! :)
It's always great when you can be around family you love!