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Monday, July 19, 2010

From Lava Beds to Lake Tahoe!

Whew....I have to say I would really miss the Internet if it was gone, but once you cannot have it, it sort of melts away and the desperation melts away after two days.... LOL

So- we traveled over to The Lava Beds National Park....way out in the boondocks....and you would NOT guess there was anything out there!This is what you see for a couple of miles after you leave the entrance...you think, "Where is this Lava Bed?"
"Ahhhh...now I see some lava."
So let's go to the Visitor Center and sign up for a hike!
So we signed up for the Most-Challenging one-oops!
Down we go and Dad and I started panicking-"Can we do it?"
This is what we called, "LOW SPOT!" when ceilings were LOW...
Another cave to explore!

Capt. Jack's Stronghold-awesome!
T demonstrating what the Modoc's went through
Petroglyph Point

Working on their Jr. Rangers books
Becoming Jr. Rangers
More caving!
Mushpot cave- the easiest cave...we did last!
Winema Lodge- an old hunting lodge!
Luckily they had a gun rack so we could unload them from the van!
T playing with "Annie"
This place was really cool and the lady that took care of us was so great! Well worth the stay!

Now we are in Lake Tahoe and we are very excited to see what it is all about!!!! :)

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