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Friday, July 23, 2010

Lone Pine to Home...

This is just my favorite thing to see....rivers/creeks running alongside the road. This would be my dream, to live right next to a river or creek...and be able to dip my toes in at anytime I wanted!

We took the 395 down from Bishop right into San Bernadino and over to the 10.

I spotted this cute little creek going up the pass, and asked Jeff to pull over so we could 'dip our toes in'...
SO T and I got in and it felt so good!

Then boredom sinks in....
.....and then FINALLY we made it home.....to 109 degree heat. Oh how I missed that heat! (NOT)
We had a WONDERFUL time and have so many other places we want to see....one of these days we'll have another grand adventure like this one!
Thanks for coming along and feel free to drop me a note here or on FaceBook... :)

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The Provost Family said...

Such an awesome road trip! You guys will all remember that forever!!
So happy to have been a part :)