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Monday, July 5, 2010

Blackwell Island Fun

Well, today is really gorgeous! Sun goes in and out behind these awesome dark clouds. It gets hot, then cools down. We don't get to enjoy 'changing' weather much in Palm Springs, so this is a treat! I awoke this morning to a fresh breeze blowing in through the little window at our faces, while listening to the Aspen tree rustling it's leaves...begging me to get up. It was so hard to wake. I could have stayed there all morning!

Once up, Jeff took the van to the Honda dealership. We have been smelling gas the whole way up here. Turns out we have some sort of crack at the gas tank, and they thought they had the part close by- but it has to be ordered off the East coast...over $650.00 later....ugh. We should get it back int he next few days. The good news is that we made it up here okay, and that we can manage without it right now.

I have a rare window of time to finish my blogging for the day! LOL

I forgot to mention that after a wonderful dinner put on by my sister and wonderful brother-in-law, we came back to the motorhome park and did laundry while watching the fireworks! It was perfect! Then we came home and crashed! LOL

Today we are lounging around and waiting till all the company comes over for fun in the lake today. This Blackwell Island RV Park has a wonderful section of beach that touches the lake with tons of lounge chairs!

Cope and I have already been to his 'secret place' riding bikes (and I almost wiped out trying to get on my bike) <-----that would have been hysterical for all the people watching from the safety of their motorhome!

And we managed to play Blongo-Ball- 2 games before Dad and Tierney came back from the store. So here are some more highlights of yesterdays events:

Robb doctoring up my knee with "Ancient Chinese Secret"

Relaxing in the beautiful sunshine

My favorite brother-in-law's spicy wings...to die for

My favorite brother-in-law Robb :)

Our AWESOME fire pit on the windy day...it felt and smelled so good!

They played on this all day long!

My sister makes the most delicious salads!

My wonderful sister

Yummy dessert!

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Anonymous said...

So glad you are having so much fun.....keep up the blogging....we are loving it Hon!! Miss you ...See you when you come back....if you come back!!!! :)