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Thursday, July 1, 2010

I think we can, I think we can.....make it to Grangeville, Id.

Today was BY FAR the most incredible, crying your eyes out, catch-your-breath beauty I have ever seen. We started off a little scary- eating breakfast, not in a restaurant like I thought it was, but a TRUCK STOP! :I
I cant even think of the name of it, but our hotel sent us over for a free breakfast- and BAMM! Very interesting people in a truck stop. Made it through breakfast okay and onto 55 North- onto the MOST BREATHTAKING road I have ever seen. Truly.

Horseshoe was beautiful. Cascade was beautiful. McCall was beautiful...you get the idea.

The entire way on up was followed closely by Payette River, which I'm not even sure it was only one river we followed..it seemed like we crossed many and each one was incredible in it's own right. I have a million pictures, but I promise not to post them all....seriously.

We then lunched in McCall and ate at the cozy McCall Brewing Company. Cope wanted to eat on the rooftop overlooking the lake...simply incredible. We then drove over to the Rotary Park and let the kids enjoy some water time. It was very, very cold water!

New Meadows was incredible....and each curve of the road displayed a new texture, color, and beauty.
Pollock, Riggins and Lucile were so small of towns that we missed them. Seriously.

We then finally hit Grangeville! This is where we were supposed to stop for the night... and after driving around to scope out the town, we realized we had 2 choices for accommodations. We chose the Gateway Inn. We got the best room in the house and if you ever come this way and stay here, ask for room 104. Seriously.

So...we have been here since 4pm. We checked out the whole town, we watched a piece of logging equipment take the whole bundle of logs off a semi, we ate a the restaurant across the street, and have done our laundry. Whew.

Im looking forward to not waking up early. We have a short drive up to Coeur d'Alene and will see if any place deserves more time as we head up north.

Anything you want to add to the places we have been at?

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Barb said...

Love your updates can't wait to hear all about the trip see you soon