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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Time is slipping away...


Today is June 1st, ALREADY??!!

Oh my goodness...this means a whole bunch of things happening!
My first and most important thought is- school is almost out! Our last day is June 16th, and it is a minimum day. The magic number is 16.
16 more days left of school. A little over 2 weeks left...
Technically though, Saturdays and Sundays don't count, so that leaves 10.5 days left of school. (Remember the last day is a minimum day)
Thought it would never come.

This year has been the hardest and most stressful year I have ever had. Yet it has also provided me the most satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment too. Two weeks before school started last year, my principal called me and said he wanted me to teach ASB. ASB stands for Associated Student Body and it is a leadership class. These kids plan the dances, decorate, work them, clean up, plan dress up days at school, plan class of the quarter...anything fun on campus- they do it.
I would be in charge of them. I was thrilled! I had always wanted to be a part of ASB, but never thought I would actually get the chance. The gal who had it before me, had a prep period to help plan for it, in addition to a prep period for the rest of her classes. When I took over, a prep period was taken away. (budget cuts)
So, I had 50 minutes each day to help plan for this class. Cool. But wait- there was more...I was also the bookkeeper (there is supposed to be a separate person for this), a bunch of non-ASB related jobs they threw in there like ID picture taker for the school, Picture Day liaison, etc. I would also be Yearbook Advisor, and an Exploratory teacher. I got to teach three classes of whatever I wanted! Except I had to come up with my own curriculum and materials.
Whew...planning for all this within 50 minutes? Did I mention the bathroom is 4 minutes away?

It was an incredible year, and despite coming down with Strep three times, (or was it four?) Cope and myself ending up needing outside counseling, Cope's behavior at school down the tubes, seeing my children for approx. 2 hours a day, and having everyday be a 12 hour+ day...I am ready for the year to end.
I somehow managed within this year to meet a mom and mosaic artist, who ended up coming in my classroom, teaching the art of mosaics to the kids. I also applied for an art grant, got it and ended up growing the mosaic art class to the second semester, and adding another great mosaic art teacher coming in and co-teaching the classes! We beautified the school by creating a mosaic version of our mascot- The Matador, which will be unveiled at our Mosaic Art and Talent Show this Tuesday. We also entered the district-wide art show located at the Palm Springs Air Museum last weekend and had a great time!
I also participated in a UCLA media study called "Violence in the Media", which is 10 lessons long, and teaches the kids how to look for 'violence' in things they watch, play, and buy. It really is pretty interesting, and I'm looking forward to teaching it again.

I'm not sure what next year brings, as I declined to do ASB again if a second prep wasn't added. A very difficult, heart wrenching decision I dreaded making. I still am saddened by my decision, but know it was necessary for myself, and more importantly, my family.

When I know what I will have take its place, Ill let you know- In the meantime, plan on coming to our mosaic show, enjoying the talent show, and saying hi!

Until then...I'll be counting the days...

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Deanne said...


Just wanted to let you know, I love your blog.

nice to be able to look in on you once in a while.

8^) xoxo