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Friday, June 27, 2008

Holy Cow, do I have some catching up to do!

It is not as easy as you might think...being with your family and trying to squeeze in time to walk back to the office (even late at night) to get in 'blog time'!
Here is a quick update:

Day 6 (June 22) was the finish of IRONMAN...such a wonderful event to experience! I have more pics to add when I get time.

Day 7 was my cocktail 'party'- which was fabulous! My sister and her brave husband Robb, took my kids overnight for a 'slumber party' (did I mention they have three of their own?) and I met my parents for a wonderful evening of cocktails and tapas. We started off at Barrel Room No. 6, which was a FABULOUS place to begin any evening. We ordered a wine that was made specifically for the restaurant- and it was very good. Along with that I enjoyed my first cheese plate...which paired together perfectly, and being able to sit and talk to my parents together was icing on the cake.

Wine and Cheese plate! Yummy!

After Barrel Room No. 6 we traveled to The Beacon, which is on a corner, and has these marvelous gigantic windows from which to people watch and enjoy the beauty of downtown. We stayed there until it got really crowded and we enjoyed more to eat and drink. Our waitress was very nice and the whole evening was just wonderful! (Thank you Erin and Robb!)

The Beacon downtown

My wonderful parents

Since then we have been to the Library, which is a magnificent building in itself. They are very kid-friendly, which doesn't surprise me- because the whole town is great for children/families.
My children where fascinated by the computer games and story time with a craft, in the children's portion of the library. The day we went we learned about bugs, read poems, listened to interesting facts and made a dragonfly from popsicle sticks!

The inside, looking down
the stairs

Looking up, once
you walk in. This is
a really neat piece of
art- the breeze blows
these pieces of metal
and makes it look like
it is slinking around.

I couldn't resist- he was
too cute! Moose are
everywhere here!

Grandpa has promised Jamie that he would take her fishing... and so we went. I accompanied Grandpa because I knew he might need help! (teehee)

We had a great time, although it was a little 'iffy' at first. They all needed their fishing rods with a worm on it right away...all four of them. I must admit- I was not interested in the worm part at all, and wasn't much help to Grandpa except casting out the rods each time they 'thought they had a bite'. After awhile I went ahead and cut worms, put worms on hooks, and re-casted about a million times.

All together the kids caught about 6 fish. Of course none were eating size, so we released them, much to the groaning of the kids.

Jamie calling home
to tell mom she caught a fish!

We had one major accident: Cope was holding a hook for Grandpa, let it go and turn quickly to walk away...except the hook snagged his finger and he was bleeding quite bad. He went hysterical at the site of blood (you have to know Cope) and I couldn't calm him down enough to get a band aide on it. Finally he quit crying and jumping around, we washed it, dried it and got a band aide on it. Bobby reminded me I had some "Neo To Go" and I spritzed his boo-boo before we covered it.

Releasing the fish...
waiting their turn to
release one

Today Jeff flies in, and Ill drive over to Spokane to pick him up. We are very excited Daddy will be joining us!
I'm hoping I can find more time to blog, once Jeff gets here...I'm keeping my fingers crossed! More later!

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