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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Calgon....Take me away...

Help us stand.
Help stand firm
Except when they throb, then they send your body swaying back and forth a little each time your heart beats...ever notice that?
Throbbing...mine are RIGHT NOW!

Ive been on my feet since 5:30 am, and it is now 8:22pm. The Mosaic Art and Talent show was tonight...and despite the air being turned off at 1:50...and everyone sweating their f*@&$#* a$* off, it was a huge success and the unveiling of the Matador was the best part!
Here are some pics:

Nedra Young (l) and
Jennifer Johnson (r)

Two mosaic goddesses
who came in my classroom
twice a week for over
a semester to teach my
kids the art of mosaics

Matt McNamara,
local abstract artist
who donated a painting
just for our show!

Actual art created
by my students~
All for sale (still)
$15.00 a piece
Click on pic to enlarge it!

We had over 6 tables of art for sale
(pieces still available, just ask)

Packed house even
though it was so hot
in the gym!
Talent show was

Jennifer and Nedra
ready to unveil
the Matador!
Drum roll please...


He is over 5' tall
and absolutely
And kids worked on this!

Close-up of his
legs and fancy
bull-fighting pants

The End

*email me if you are interested
in a piece! The money supports the
mosaic class for another semester!
Thank you!

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