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Monday, June 9, 2008

Temecula Balloon and Wine Festival

Friday night, Balloon glow

Saturday morning, Balloon flight
Saturday night, Balloon glow

Sunday morning, Balloon flight

We had a grand time in Temecula for the Balloon and Wine Festival!
Check out some of our pics...and next year- come and see us!

Fri night "glow"- Jeff at burner

Rowdy and Dan- the
as well as great crew!

Vic and Cindy
learning to 'crew'
-inflation process

Getting ready
to take off Sat. am

Vic and Cindy
have 'lift-off'!
Up, up & away....

Some of the
beautiful balloons

packing up after a
landing from our
(Lauren in yellow hat)

An important event-
"Butt's On"...ask if you
don't know what it is!

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