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Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Special Thursday for this Week

I am proud to say I am a member of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society. What is that you say?

Our main goal is to help support other women educators, either already in the field, or going into the field of education. We also do service projects for children in need.

It is a wonderful group and so many of the girls at my school are members, that it makes it really fun!

My big news is that I will proudly be a board member on Thursday! I will be one of several initiated into position, and will become the new 1st Vice-President, along with a great friend Sheila Ruble (*my w.d.m.p.m. friend). My best friend Cathy Seeger will become the new President, along with Fran Chapman .

We will also induct Joanie Wilcox as a new member, who also teaches at my school! I am so excited!

I will take pictures, of course!

This will help get me through the last 'full' week of school we have. (Next week we have Monday off, the following week we have Friday off! Yes, 13 more school days left! Yahoo!

This is me and my best friend Cathy Seeger
when I was inducted as a DKG member back in Dec. 2004!

*Wine drinking, mashed potato-making friend

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